Plastic packaging products
  • DIE-CUT punch soft bag

    DIE-CUT punch soft bag

    For the  past 40 years, we started from the basics, accumulated experience in  simple plastic bag production, improved technology, upgraded settings,  and transformed into a high-quality, finely-printed plastic packaging  manufacturer. Professional production of LDPE, HDPE, PP,  OPP and other plastic packaging products according to customer  requirements; CPE and EVA products; PP synthetic paper, PP sheet and so  on.
  • Express mail bag series
  • Express mail bag series
  • Sanitary bags

    Sanitary bags

    The factory  has passed QS certification, production workshop safety and health, all  materials are in line with the United States and the EU food safety  level

    To make your product bright and moving, but also adds a sense of security.

    With decades of experience in health product packaging production, we create the most glamorous product image for you

    Years of accumulated hygiene experience and practical and honest service attitude have attracted many customers for us.

    There are many industry leaders

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